Educational Programme Commencement
«Access to Healthcare from Roma Women»

In a period where stereotypes, bias and inequality are apparent in every aspect of the everyday life, the educational program titled «Health access for Roma women» is commencing. The program is carried out, in combination, through asynchronous education and a cycle of online seminars (webinars) the duration of which will be 4 weeks.

The educational program’s aim is to provide knowledge, skills and tools to Health and Social Welfare Professionals, so that inclusive services to the Roma community and specifically to Roma women, will be provided. The program is mainly addressing employees working in Primary Healthcare facilities but also Social Services such as Community Centers (with or without a Roma annex), and Non-Governmental-Organizations.

The educational actions are being organized in the framework of the European project “REACH: Roma women’s Empowerment and fighting discrimination in ACcess to Health’’ which is being implemented by the coordination of the consulting firm ‘’CMT PROOPTIKI’’ in cooperation with the University of West Attica-Athens School of Midwifery, the Greek Roma Mediators and Partners Union, the municipalities of Chalandri and Larisa.

The project ‘’REACH: Roma women’s Empowerment and fighting discrimination in ACcess to Health’’ aims to combat the discriminations against Roma and the equal access to health services. Through its actions the project aims, to promote Roma’s health, to secure access to health services, to educate the Roma communities for health issues and the capacity development of the employees that work in Community Centers and health services, in regard with the Roma’s needs.

The participants of the program, through targeted educational materials, through interactive online seminars (webinars) and through the testimonials of Roma men and women, will acquire:

  • Knowledge regarding the Roma communities, the rights, and the challenges for accessing health services
  • Knowledge regarding specific issues of sexual and reproductive health, psychological health and in-family violence.
  • Tools and good practices for the provision of inclusive health services and interconnection in the community.

The webinars are being split into 4 broad thematics, for each one of those it is expected to analyze individual issues which professionals deal with in regard with the Roma community. More specifically the thematics that the online seminars (webinars) will follow (in order), are:

  • Who are the Roma, stereotypes, rights and access to health
  • Interconnection of services and good practices: the example of Larisa
  • Prevention and promotion of health, sexual and reproductive health
  • Gender-based and in-family violence.

To participate in the webinars, a signup is mandatory in the following link. Every participant can choose if they want to watch the afternoon or the morning class of each seminar. There is the capability to issue a certification of attendance.

Link for online registrations:http://elearning.romahealth.eu/login/index.php

For more information regarding the educational program, please click on this link

The following table presents the thematics, the dates and times of the seminar conduct and as well as the responsible rapporteur

Webinar’s schedule

Please click here to view the schedule and find the webinar’s links

For more information about the educational program, please contact us during working days and hours (Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00), in the following numbers: 2114183420 & 2114183421.

More information about the REACH project can be found in the project’s website https://romahealth.eu/el/αρχική/  as well as the project’s social media.