Roma Women’s Empowerment and Fight against discrimination in ACcess to Health

❝ Health as a fundamental asset of our society.
Make this happen! ❞

The project “REACH: Roma Women’s Empowerment and Fight against discrimination in ACcess to Health” aims at combating discrimination against Roma, through the development of an inclusive environment in Primary Health Care (hereforth PHC) as well as at supporting equal access for Roma in health services.

The core concept of the REACH project is to utilise Community Centers’ services and create a functioning and more efficient network between them, Roma community and Primary Health Care settings, in order to:

  • promote Roma’s health
  • guarantee their rights of access to health care
  • inform Roma communities and learn about health issues
  • develop the capacities of Community Centers and the PHC staff aiming to meet the needs of Roma
  • strengthen cooperation between Community Centers and the PHC

Learning to take care of myself and my community

REACH project focuses on empowering Roma women, their families, and youth, both by increasing Roma population health literacy and access to health services, and by piloting a health mediation model. Key role in the project possess the Roma mediators, who are trained to act as “propagating keys” to promote health in their community. In addition, they mediate with the PHC and possess practical tools that they can use for their benefit and the benefits of Roma community.

Working together and contributing to a healthier future

The intervention aims to build capacities for more effective cooperation with the Community Centers of the municipalities, the structures of PHC and with the Roma community. The project aims to develop the skills of the staff of Municipalities and Community Centers, with or without Roma Branches, as well as the administrative staff, in issues related to health and needs of the Roma. Through project’s pilot implementation and the development of practical cooperation protocols, the creation of interagency cooperation is envisaged together with the society’s raising awareness on the mutual benefits of Roma integration.

Cultivating an inclusive culture in Primary Health Care

REACH project’s intervention towards health care professionals aims at developing cultural competences and cultivating inclusive behaviors for ROMA. Following a mapping of Roma health care provision, as well as corresponding models and best practices, at national and European level, the project seeks to raise awareness and build the capacities of HCP in PHC, providing information and experiential activities related to Roma communities, human rights and needs. Within this framework of actions, beliefs and stereotypical behaviors of health professionals regarding Roma before and after project’s intervention are assessed.

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