CMT Prooptiki (CMT) is an independent consulting firm which provides expertise in such fields as health and social care, social and economic development, education and lifelong learning, civic rights and engagement. For more than 20 years, CMT has provided value-adding consultancy services to public and private sector organizations as well as to civil society organizations. CMT provides a wide range of services – from providing Policy and Strategy Development services to conducting Research and Evaluations, Capacity Building, Trainings as well as Dissemination and Communication services.


The Athens Midwifery School as a department belongs to the University of West Attica, Greece (UNIWA). The UNIWA has participated in numerous European and national research projects under the scope of support frameworks In most of these projects, the University of West Attica acts as the coordinator.

The Association of Greek Roma Mediators and Associates (ELDIROM) is a non-profit national organization representing Roma mediators in Greece.

The Municipality of Halandri (Halandri) is one of the biggest municipalities in Attica region that presents a big number of Roma population. Halandri has a vast experience in implementing and managing EU funded projects with Roma as end beneficiaries and projects aiming at social integration and non-discrimination.

The Municipality of Larisa (Larisa) is the capital and largest city of the Thessaly region and capital of the Larisa regional unit. The Roma branch of the Community Center is very active and proposes parenthood preparation classes to new Roma parents and collaborate with “Creative Education Centre for Children”. Where they organise information sessions on health promotion (for example oral health) for Roma and their children.

The REACH project is officially supported by the Special Secretariat for the Integration of the Roma, which is a distinct administrative structure of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity, created to address the phenomenon of social exclusion of Roma. The Ministry of Health is also officially supporting the project by helping the partners in reaching out to the target groups, especially healthcare professionals across Greece